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  • Welcome mat: Buehler’s makes it easy to be green

    For about seven years, Buehler’s Fresh Foods grocery store has included “Smart to be green” among its corporate slogans. I didn’t realize until talking to Deb Wilcox, Buehler’s director of communications, just how green – and how smart – Buehler’s is.

  • Real Estate News and Views

    Steve Watson joins Cutler Real Estate

  • Homeownership 101: Spring sneezing and cleaning

    It’s spring and for some people that can only mean one thing – it’s officially allergy season in Northeast Ohio. If you are an allergy sufferer, you are not alone. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 40 million Americans have what are known as indoor/outdoor allergies, with the most common triggers being tree, grass and weed pollen. Allergies are among the most common chronic conditions worldwide. In fact, someone sitting near you – or even you – may be sneezing or have a headache from pollen-producing culprits as you read this article.

  • Home Decorating: Greener, safer choices in paint

    With an increasing emphasis on preserving the Earth, more people than are ever are going green, and paint and stain companies are stepping up to the plate with greener choices. Shop for eco-friendlier paint and stain, and you’ll find endless choices, some of them better than others. If you are thinking about painting or staining something in your home and want to go green, here are some tips.

  • Cultivation: Functional uses of plants in the landscape

    Considering the functional use of plants is a new approach to solving landscape problems. Traditionally, plants have been used for beautification due to their aesthetic qualities. The expression “functional use of plants” helps to explain that plants can perform other functions in the landscape and still beautify.

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