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  • Next Door: The road to home ownership starts with savings

  • Renovation: Understanding attic insulation

    Insulation is one of the best investments a homeowner can make, but too often people overlook insulation in favor of more eye-catching renovations. Insulation is not something to be ignored, as it contributes to year-round comfort in the home while reducing energy costs along the way.

  • Home Décor: Black lights can enhance Halloween décor

    Creating a spooky atmosphere when decorating for Halloween is the ultimate goal. People will go to great lengths to establish film-worthy special effects and ghoulish details. Using black lights when decorating can cast an ominous glow and establish the desired atmosphere.

  • Indoors: How to improve indoor air quality as winter approaches

    With fall soon to give way to winter, many people will soon be spending more time indoors. Winter weather can be harsh, and it can be difficult for fresh air to make its way into a home once the warmer temperatures of summer and fall give way to the cold days of winter.

  • Six easy upcycling projects

    Even if you missed out on the creativity gene, you can still turn other people’s unwanted stuff into trendy items for your home.

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