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  • Welcome Mat: Brand-new senior housing coming to Kenmore

  • Mowz puts mowing services at your fingertips

    When Julia Markovic needs her grass cut, she doesn’t start up her lawn mower. She turns to her smartphone.

  • Innovation: How thermostats save money and energy

    (MS) – Homeowners who have not yet upgraded to a programmable thermostat could be doing themselves a significant disservice. Not only are programmable thermostats key to saving energy, they also save money.

  • Homeownership 101: DIY tips for homeowners

  • Cultivation: Plant right to save water and money

    (MS) – Many communities endure harsh summers characterized by high temperatures and infrequent rainfall. In such locales, local governments typically institute water restrictions on local landowners. These restrictions limit the amount of water homeowners can use to maintain their properties. Some homeowners choose to install new irrigation systems in an effort to help their lawns and garden survive the potentially harsh summer weather.

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